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AplusB receives President’s Award

On May 20th, 2013, AplusB Inc received the United States President’s “E” Award for Export Service in recognition for achievements in making significant contributions to the increase of U.S. exports Read More...



  • There are 500 million consumers in the 28 countries which make up the European Union (EU) - a huge market!

  • There are 18 countries in the EuroZone, doing business with a single monetary unit: the Euro - It greatly simplifies your transactions within the Eurozone

Essentials to success

  • The key factors leading to success are:
    1. Product quality
    2. Competitive Pricing
    3. Impeccable logistics
    4. Experienced Staff

  • Victory in that field requires perseverance, a realization that business practices overseas differ substantially from what we are used to, attention to details, and time

  • Your best bet is to team-up with a service provider who has proven international export experience

Export is within your reach – don’t wait another day!

Award-winning Export Assistance is a phone call away!


Let’s get started !

  • IF you want to start,or accelerate, your export sales
  • IF you want to stay ahead of your competition
  • IF you are manufacturing goods of superior quality
  • IF you are short on time and on export experience
  • IF your staff needs training in export operations

THEN, hire AplusB as your temporary export manager; we have more than 25 years of international business experience, exporting to the E.U. (and other countries)

WHAT can AplusB do for you in the export field? We can:

  • build your International Sales Channels – based on essential long-term relationships with overseas partners
  • organize your International Logistics, to the E.U., and other international markets
  • manage your international sales operations, on a day-today basis

WHAT BENEFITS come from partnering with AplusB?

  • our custom training will provide your staff with the export knowledge they need
  • hiring export-savvy export management is costly – instead us as your temporary International Sales Manager
  • avoid costly hazards that typically await the unsuspecting exporter
  • benefit from the fact that we spread our overheads over our Client base
  • our fee structure is self-motivating – ask us for details


  • On May 20th 2013, – the coveted U.S. President’s “E” Award for Export Services was presented to AplusB in (exact words) “recognition of its significant contributions in the increase of U.S. Exports”

Why not get in touch? It’s free!

Simply call 216.486.1915 (EST) (GMT-5) or drop me a line at aplusb@sbcglobal.net—. I look forward to sharing our export experience with you.

Pierre M. van Hauwaert

AplusB, Inc

4448 Habersham South
Richmond Hts, OH 44143
United States

Tel 216.486.1915 (EST) – Mobile 216.409.4162 ( EST)


AplusB, Inc—4448 Habersham South—Richmond Hts, OH 44143

Tel + 1 216.486.1915—aplusb@sbcglobal.net

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