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AplusB receives President’s Award

On May 20th, 2013, AplusB Inc received the United States President’s “E” Award for Export Service in recognition for achievements in making significant contributions to the increase of U.S. exports Read More...


Working Together

Our experience spans all aspects of export OPERATIONS

As an example, let’s take a “Turn Key” mission, consisting of building a profitable export sales business for your company, from scratch – here is how it would unfold:

Step 1 – Planning and Organizing – you state your export objectives – we advise on how meet these objectives, estimate resources and time needed – Any building starts with a good set of drawings – therefore, working with you, we develop a simple Export Marketing Plan  – it will include objectives, budgets, challenges (CE marking may be one) and how to overcome them, resources needed, timing, and any other subjects that need to be addressed before we start building your export sales network.

Step 2 – this is where we roll up our sleeves and gather information on market potential, regulatory compliance, competitive assessment – we identify, and qualify, overseas partners ( with the help of organizations such as the U.S. Department of Commerce and State Department of Development) – this is the most challenging step, and this is where we excel – our experience of international business methods and street smarts will save you months, and thousands in expenses, in setting up and maintaining  solid relationship with local distributors – of course, you will need to meet with your future partners, once we have qualified them (a crucial piece of the puzzle)  

 Step 3 – This is when we fire-up your export sales network – with the help of your U.S. staff (which, by then, we will have trained) we manage and control your export sales network on a day-to-day basis – we oversee your export sales network, keeping your best interests in mind – for details on how this works, please get in touch.

Remember when we were told about the 3 components of Management? Plan, Organize and Control? That’s exactly what Export Management is all about!

 How we ask to be compensated

You want AplusB to be 100% committed to your success – all right, simply stated, we ask for a monthly retainer, plus a commission on sales – simple and effective – we are thus driven to  turn your export sales into a major, profitable, part of your business 


AplusB, Inc—4448 Habersham South—Richmond Hts, OH 44143

Tel + 1 216.486.1915—aplusb@sbcglobal.net

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