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AplusB receives President’s Award

On May 20th, 2013, AplusB Inc received the United States President’s “E” Award for Export Service in recognition for achievements in making significant contributions to the increase of U.S. exports Read More...


Besides AplusB, what other resources are needed to build a Export Sales Network?

Export assistance will work, provided you give it your active support 

As with any major project impacting your business, support from top Management is essential!

Circle of Experts 

In starting an export business, access to expert advice is crucial.

Your Export Team will consist of yourself, AplusB (50,000 hours of International Business Development experience) and what we affectionately call call our “Circle of Experts”. It complements the export services provided by AplusB; it may include at any point in time:

  • U.S. Department of Commerce (www.doc.gov)
  • International Trade Administration (www.ita.doc.gov/tic)
  • American Chambers of Commerce overseas (London, Paris, Brussels, Berlin, etc)
  • Small Business Administration (www.sba.gov/services) – export financing
  • State Export Initiative Organizations – you may be eligible for Grants such as IMAGE
  • Freight Forwarders – they deliver your goods overseas
  • 3PL warehousing and distribution companies— they store and deliver your goods overseas
  • EXIM Bank – credit insurance
  • Overseas VAT fiscal representatives, if needed
  • Overseas “Notified Bodies” – they provide CE marking compliance
  • Technical Translators – sometimes needed
  • Web designers – adapt at morphing your web site into a truly international site
  • – – – and more

Besides Export Assistance, AplusB can also provide the essential Project Management expertise

Marshaling and managing an export Project is where AplusB also excels — our International Project Management experience includes: 

  • Building an international distributorship network for a U.S. Manufacturer of industrial goods, now active in 30 countries (Cleveland, Ohio)
  • Building an international distributorship network for an access control systems manufacturer (Brussels Belgium)
  • Design and Construction of refinery loading racks for MOBIL International Amsterdam refinery (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
  • Software development pre-launch control system for Ariane, French unmanned space vehicle — CNES aerospace industry (Paris, France)
  • Project management distributed controls systems and automated manufacturing cells (U.S., Europe, Philippines)
  • Sales of Virtual reality systems— site integration and system shipment from U.S. to Sweden and Japan (Detroit, USA)
  • Construction of an aircraft refueling facility for MOBIL International (Brussels, Belgium)
  • and more

AplusB, Inc—4448 Habersham South—Richmond Hts, OH 44143

Tel + 1 216.486.1915—aplusb@sbcglobal.net

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